Frequently Asked Questions

Just opened the bag, how long does the garnish last, anyway?

Glad you asked, they can last 12 months unopened, or from 2 weeks to 6 months once you've cracked the seal. Move them to an airtight container, keep them cool, out of the sun and away from moisture.

We love your logo design but why stamp it?

Stamping the logo, despite being a bit counterproductive and taking up time, was a clear decision. Our goal was to add a personal touch to each package, ensuring that we personally reviewed every bag as part of our final inspection.

Do you wholesale shipments?

Yes we do, we excel at wholesale actually. We have tailored pricing packages for our future business partners. In need of consistent demand for our products? Contact us to explore this opportunity!

Are they edible

While we prioritize natural ingredients and comply with regulations for our cocktail garnish and rim powders, it's important to note that these items are crafted for enhancing visual appeal, not for consumption. Our products are designed to dress up your cocktails, adding that extra flair to elevate your drinking experience.

How many products do you carry?

Our close proximity to suppliers in the San Joaquin Valley means we can dehydrate a range of fruits and vegetables, ensuring our website always has new and exciting products.

Fast Shipping ?

We ship next business day and shipment time will reflect your chosen rate at checkout, please keep an eye out for the tracking information.